The EMS FireCell fire detection platform has been developed and engineered in the UK to meet the stringent demands of building users and owners, and to make compliance with local fire standards and legislation, easier and quicker to implement.

Using the EMS ethos of pioneering and focusing on wireless technology for almost 60 years, FireCell has become the first choice whenever wireless or hybrid technology is specified. From a few devices, up to multiple control panels wirelessly networked, FireCell is flexible, scalable, as well as being easy to install, commission and service, and has become the system of choice for many specifiers and end users alike.

Since its launch, FireCell has undergone many updates and revisions, making it not only the most reliable and robust wireless platform, but also the most trusted. Incremental improvements, as well as the introduction of new devices and architecture have ensured that FireCell is selected whenever wireless fire detection technology is desired.

FireCell uses Alkaline battery technology, that is both economical and reliable. All fire devices have two sets of batteries to meet BS:5839 requirements, and with unique EMS battery management the 3-year mandatory life expectancy (EN54-25) is exceeded, with typically a 5-year life based on normal usage. Each FireCell detector, for example, would require a battery change around year 5 at a cost of a couple of pounds per set. This makes FireCell ownership both cost effective and stress free.

Hub & Cluster design for reliability

FireCell is based on “Hub & Cluster” technology an EMS patented infrastructure which guarantees maximum signal levels and transmission, throughout any site or building. The system is certified to EN54-25, the harmonised European standard governing wireless fire detection.

This technology is so robust we refer to it, and FireCell, as being deterministic, in that a system designed “on paper” will work exactly as planned. In fact, EMS underwrite all our surveys, as we are 100% confident in the technology, giving you peace of mind, and the guarantee that there will be no unknown costs.

To meet and exceed the EN54-25 standards, FireCell incorporates many technologies to ensure reliability is as good, or better, than a cable-based system. These include alternative signal paths, bi-directional communication, full monitoring of all system components and power ramping capabilities, to amplify signals as and when needed. This equates to a self-healing system, as all of this operates behinds the scenes seamlessly to maintain ultimate reliability.   EN54-25 BSI

XP95 Compatibility

FireCell is based on the widely embraced XP95 protocol, making it a universally accepted and compatible platform across the fire industry. We offer Kentec control panel options as part of our FireCell portfolio. However, many other XP95 panels from major companies are supported. Specific wireless firmware is usually already embedded by each manufacturer, or can be added retrospectively as an update – We suggest you speak with you panel supplier to confirm this as part of the specification.

Hybrid Technology

One of the additional features of FireCell, is the ability to use a “Hybrid” approach to a system design. This was one of the countless incremental enhancements where hybrid technology was introduced.  This gives almost unlimited customisation of a system, where both wireless and fire-resistant cable can be utilised. Additionally wireless interfaces can be added to loop cabling, to add wireless fire devices where needed. These are FireCell Loop Modules and support up to 31 wireless devices on a wired loop.  The hybrid option is an ideal solution for refurbishment projects, where cable already exists and can be reused as the basis for a new system. Typically, it’s possible to have up to 5 loop modules, per loop, on a FireCell system, based on a Kentec control panel.

 FireCell Fire Devices

FireCell is a premium fire detection platform and as such has a wide and comprehensive range of products including detectors, audible/visual alarm devices and manual call points, along with a range of interfaces and ancillary devices. FireCell also supports 100% wire free BS: 7273-4 door controllers (WDC), which operate as an integral element of the system and only releasing on an activation. These can be globally controlled, or individually, to meet agreed “cause and effect” programming. Wireless Door Controller

Flexible Options 

Flexibility does not stop with just hybrid as FireCell Fusion is yet another aspect of the technology where a wireless interface can be added to any existing XP95 protocol-based fire system. Fusion is similar to the loop module, sharing the same technology, and it also supports up to 31 wireless devices. The number of Fusion interfaces, depends on the control panel being used, but a call to EMS support will give you more details.

EMS also provide a non-protocol wireless interface for any system, conventional or addressable. Wireless Zone Monitor

Wireless Networks – up to 16 panels

A unique feature, which is only available on FireCell, is wireless networking. Up to 16 FireCell panels can be wirelessly connected across a number of buildings, such as a hospital or university campus. Using wireless networking will save many £1,000’s and take days to install, rather than many weeks, and health and safety issues are substantially reduced, almost negligible.  The result is, that it is now possible to have over 8,000 wireless devices across a number of buildings, all without any cable.

The importance of Surveys

We have already mentioned the “deterministic” design aspect of FireCell. The comfort of knowing the system designed, will work and perform seamlessly once installed and commissioned.

Another FireCell related service from EMS, is our FREE survey to confirm wireless coverage and signal integrity. We provide a full analysis of the site, and provide detailed results prior to any works commencing, and this is underwritten by EMS.

How is a survey carried our? Watch the YouTube video


EMS have dedicated FireCell support teams both internally at our UK HQ in Herne Bay, and an external team of field technicians, strategically based across the UK. You can access this service by calling 01227 369570


EMS FireCell installations can benefit from pre-programming. Wireless makes it possible to programme an entire FireCell system before it is sent to site. This is easy to achieve and is also a service provided by EMS prior to system components being despatched.

In conclusion

FireCell is acknowledged as the “gold standard” of wireless based fire detection systems and, is trusted by commercial companies, local government and fire professionals. It is installed across countless properties, both in the UK, as well as in Europe and should be your first choice when making the move to wireless technology. It is our aim to make wireless fire technology, and FireCell, accessible and easier to deploy as your next fire protection solution.

Want to see where FireCell has been installed? Check out our case study publication.

Our team of EMS wireless fire professionals are located in key locations and can be contacted to advise and discuss FireCell in more detail SalesRepresentatives – EMS (