SmartCell is the newly developed “smart” fire system designed for smaller properties and SME’s.

With “EMS” technology inside, SmartCell provides big system features, benefits and protection in a compact, yet powerful system, that supports up to 64 fire devices. Using next generation wireless technology, SmartCell is a connected system that allows users and service companies full remote access and diagnostics using an optional “on board” communications module. Any activity on SmartCell can be transmitted by text or email, almost instantaneously giving up to the minute information on what’s happening in the protected building.

Using this same module, SmartCell is fully certified for connection to Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC’s) and with an unique and intuative software interface, ideal for service and maintenance companies to diagnose any system activity.

Using patented and unique technology, fire devices are undisguisable from “wired” devices, but come packed with features. The combination fire detector includes smoke and heat detection capability, a sounder that is fully configurable for volume as well as an EN54-23 visual alarm device, all this using just a single address on the SmartCell panel. With a full range of fire devices available this is the most comprehensive and easy to use wireless fire detection system available.

However, SmartCell technology does not stop at fire detection alone, it has the functionality to add “non-fire” devices including “white” sounders, which can be used for a number of purposes.

Independent of the fire detection capabilities, these non – fire devices are secondary and supplemental, providing additional features and benefits for users and service companies

Fire detection always takes priority, but imagine the benefits of adding information from non-fire equipment, perhaps a flood detection system or gas detection, all having the same benefits of instant texts and emails upon activation.

SmartCell is tomorrow’s technology available today.

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