Restocking Charge

Introduction of a restocking charge

EMS has introduced a standardised restocking charge from 3rd January 2015.

A charge of 25% of the purchase price of items returned within 45 days of delivery, which are in the original packaging and have not incurred material damage, and are not missing components included in the original shipment, will be levied. Items returned after 45 days may incur additional charges.

This charge represents the shipping and handling costs that applied to goods when originally purchased as well as any specialist testing involved ensuring the item can be resold as new.

For units that have been used or damaged after delivery, you may be charged an additional restocking fee based on the severity of damage. If we receive a return which has been damaged beyond repair, we may return the item to you without issuing a refund. EMS will not refund return shipping costs related to items returned.

These costs are not relevant where the item is returned as a faulty product or under the terms of our warranty and do not affect your statutory rights etc.

EMS may consider a waiver of the restocking charges at our discretion or in certain circumstances.

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