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An EMS Wireless fire detection installation is an excellent solution for many industries, it provides a system with absolute maximum flexibility and rapid deployment potential, that can be switched between various modes seamlessly.

With so many ground-breaking features, EMS Wireless is trusted by many iconic properties.

Examples of topical and contemporary installations carried out using the EMS solution and published at time of the installation.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Leading Edinburgh Festival Fringe operator, C Venues, has taken over central India Buildings; a Victorian, multi-storey office block that has been vacant for some time. The new C Nova venue has been transformed into the hub of activity for the largest arts Festival in the world, with performance spaces, bars and restaurants attracting large crowds.


  • This is a grade A listed building, disruption to the building from wires and cables is not an option.
  • The local authority set objectives based on the temporary nature of the building’s intended use.
  • The events held are not yearlong and there are several buildings that are used for the festival, a temporary and portable solution is required.

The Solution

A traditional wired fire system would not be ideal for a listed building. An EN54 part 25 solution was required for this installation in order to meet the objectives set by local authority.

The wire-free FireCell system was installed for C Venues. The wireless system suited the festival as it is portable, it can be removed at the end of the event and take it to their next Festival venue, whether in the UK or further afield.

Atlantas Security & Electrical Ltd carried out the installation of the wireless FireCell system, providing temporary fire protection to the grade A listed building for the duration of the event.

Ian Watson from Atlantas commented, “the FireCell system was so easy to install and technical assistance from technical support staff was excellent. Due to the nature of the client’s specific theatrical requirements, the custom programming was quickly achieved by EMS technical, showing the adaptability of the system. The customer was happy with the end product and it was a joy to install”.

London Events Arena

A venue that constantly changes, the Major London Events Arena, hosts high profile award dinners; conferences; concerts; exhibitions and Christmas parties. The Christmas parties alone see over 1000 visitors each year. The three-acre site had been protected by a trusted EMS FirePoint 5000 system for a number of years, which was quick to install, robust and unobtrusive. But with future expansion planned and site evolution in mind, a new EMS FireCell wireless fire system was needed.


  • Planned expansion to an already vast venue, requires a system with easy expansion options and vast area coverage.
  • The new system needs to be reliable and easy to use in a major bustling events venue.
  • The venue now requires a system that is easy to follow and see in an often loud and packed-full space.

The Solution

With future expansion planned and site evolution in mind, a new EMS FireCell wireless fire system was acquired. FireCell provides easy expansion and vast area coverage.  Like the previous FirePoint 5000 system, FireCell offers the same rapid installation, reliability and ease of use, along with the latest cutting-edge technology.

The new FireCell system consists of five Radio Cluster Communicators (RCCs) and over one hundred wireless fire devices. Voice sounders coupled with visual indicators provide easy to follow phased evacuation for the often bustling venue.

The FireCell installation was a resounding success and the system is expected to be used in the same way at the Major London Events Arena for many years to come.

UK Military Base

Situated on a huge remote site in the West of England, this front line operational military base required a new fire alarm system to provide total protection for a number of buildings spread over the site. Buildings included hangers, dormitory blocks, administration offices, arm stores and canteens.


The military base faced a few challenges in terms of traditional fire alarms.

  • Requirement to monitor entire site from a central location.
  • Hundreds of devices would be required to provide comprehensive protection of all the buildings.
  • Normal operation of the base could not be disrupted by any means.
  • Equipment had to operate in areas with high levels of radio communication systems, radar and aircraft.

The Solution

Clearly a traditional wired fire alarm system would have been unacceptable on the basis of both disruption, and cost. The end user thought that the project was not possible with current technology, until EMS put forward their solution.

An EMS Wireless Analogue Addressable Fire System was installed consisting of 11 control panels networked with one master panel. Over 700 devices were used including smoke and heat detectors, combined sounder/detectors, call points, sounders and interface modules for remote plant monitoring and operation.

All of this equipment was installed without disruption to the operation of the base and in a fraction of the time that would have been required for a traditional wired system.

The installation followed an extensive testing procedure to ensure that EMS’s wireless equipment could operate reliably and safely in what is a very demanding environment. To date, the system has operated faultlessly without interference with the electronic wireless systems on the base.

Due to the success of the wireless solution, EMS has been specified for similar military projects.

The City of Bath

The City of Bath boasts a rich heritage, a Grand Pump Room from the Georgian period sits atop the ancient Roman edifice of Aquae Sulis. A site that sees more than a million visitors each year, in addition to those who work and volunteer there, it is vital to provide the best level of fire detection and prevention.


  • The old hardwired system in place at the Bath Roman Baths and Pump Rooms was unreliable and troublesome.  
  • Local authority stipulated that a new fire detection and protection system needed to replicate the pattern of the older installation so that no additional drilling into old, and in some cases, ancient building fabric was required.
  • The installation of a new hardwired system within this framework would require the site to be closed, with large periods of downtime and disruption.

The Solution

The architectural and archaeological sensitivity of the site, and the presence of asbestos with wet limestone and concrete walls provided an unusual challenge to the installing team. This led to the conclusion that a hardwired system was not an option and that a wireless fire system was the right solution.

325 Devices were installed in some 100 rooms across all the public areas and back-office areas of the site, with 25 clusters and around 300 sensors. Throughout the installation period, the site remained open to visitors, meaning the site was unobstructed. The flexibility of the FireCell system enabled an efficient installation, keeping to important timescales.

Particularly relevant in heritage contexts, where the architectural integrity of an older building cannot be compromised by modern cable runs, a wireless solution presents the ideal solution.

Trusted by Iconic Properties Nationwide

FireCell from EMS is trusted and used by many iconic properties, including the Entertainment industry, Government, Healthcare industry, and Heritage industries respectively.  It’s flexibility, cost, and timing offer a superior solution where traditional wired fire systems are not an option.

With no cabling required, the time and cost of installing a new fire protection system is dramatically reduced,” explains Ray Puttock from EMS, “Equally, the headache associated with the unlimited access required for cable installation is also removed; itself a benefit for applications where timing and logistics all play a role during installation.”

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