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The EMS IRIS system provides flexible and versatile solutions for many of today’s security and protection challenges.

These could be for staff protection or lone workers or perhaps users of gyms and spa’s.

Wherever someone may need to call for assistance the flexibility of a wireless system might just save the day. Additionally IRIS can provide asset protection for Museums, Art Galleries and anywhere else where objects with high value might be on display.

Using proven wireless technology originally developed and utilised by the high security business and banking sectors, the IRIS range of products is now available to use for a diverse number of solutions and applications.

Discreet wireless handsets and pendants can be used throughout a protected building and these can be easily passed onto other users as needed. No wires no restrictions allowing assistance to be summoned discreetly as and when a threat situation demands this.

Health Spa’s and Gyms – Users of training equipment or saunas could be alone and vulnerable to injury.

Healthcare – Risk of attack from distressed or confused patients or perhaps summoning assistance for a critical situation where every minute counts.

Retail – With some environments now having less floor staff the need to call for help to assist more customers or perhaps deal with a troublesome issue becomes more important.

Lone Workers – With more and more businesses extending working hours and more staff working late on their own, colleagues can be a simple “push” away. Factory staff using automated equipment might also need to call for assistance or help.

Museums and Galleries – Objects, artefacts and works of art can be protected should anyone attempt to remove or disturb them.

Schools and Colleges – IRIS Lockdown provides an effective approach to another sensitive and potentially perilous issue where young people could be exposed to risk.

General Security – With the world changing and the risk of unwanted demonstrations or acts of violence other members of your team can be activated to assist or defuse the situation.

EMS will, when requested, carry out a free and quick wireless feasibility survey and advise on the best way to provide protection and using our experience we can discuss with you various suggestions on how to implement effective safeguards for people and property.

For more information please call us on 01227 369570 or click on the “contact us” link above