System 5000 CPR statement


The current EMS Fire Detection System, FireCell, was launched in 2010 to meet current and future legislation requirements, including EN54-25. This was developed to replace our previous platform System 5000 launched in the 1990’s.
The introduction of the European Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) that came into effect at the beginning of July 2013 rendered the System 5000 from EMS ‘End of Sale’ for new permanent Fire System installations as of the 1st July 2013, and the product range is has been  in maintenance lifecycle since then.

What does this mean for System 5000?

Current 5000 Systems
1.    Existing installations that are already installed are not affected.
2.    From 1st July 2013 Manufacturers’ were prevented from supplying new product affected by these Regulations. The same rules apply    to extensions to existing systems.

This is what EMS is doing to manage this situation:

Support for Existing installations of System 5000

1.    Installed product can be repaired and EMS will offer a factory repair service for existing product subject to continued supply of suitable components.
a.    This is envisaged to be for at least 5 years after 1st July 2013.
2.    EMS can supply spare parts on a like-for-like replacement basis; provided the replacement part is identical to the original and the original part being replaced is returned to EMS.
a.    Older product variants in the System 5000 range that have been previously superseded can only be submitted for repair.

In summary:

System 5000 as of the 1st July 2013 was placed in maintenance life cycle with spares and repairs available.

For all new system installations the FireCell platform has been specified.