Wireless Site Signalling

With many large open estates such as hospitals, universities or airports, the transmission of important information across buildings can be vital. This could be a fire signal from a remote building to a central control room, an air conditioning fault signal in an unattended laboratory at night or a pump alarm in an area from the risk of flooding.

If wired links are not already in place then installing cables can be difficult and costly, and when there are no direct routes or ducts, civil works associated with running cable underground can not only be expensive, but are protracted  and can cause considerable disruption.

Previously it may have been a solution to run catenaries across open areas, and whilst this was not aesthetically pleasing it presented a far less expensive solution, however this is not now acceptable as it does present health and safety issues and is rarely used. Wireless however is the perfect answer as many alarms and signals can be transmitted using tried and tested radio technology used successfully for many years in fire alarms, an area where any transmission failure could mean the difference between life and death.

An example of how much money can be saved: one particular open site where installing site signalling cables, using both hard and soft digs, was needed across a large number of buildings was quoted a sum approaching 1 million pounds. A wireless site signalling solution was eventually provided for around £80,000, a not insignificant saving. Added to this the system was up and running in a fraction of the time it would have taken to carry out the necessary engineering works.

Site signally can handle a multitude of signals and can be a conduit for site information either to a central location such as a control room or gatehouse or across multiple locations.

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