Kentec Syncro Fire Panels – Now Wireless Ready from March 2016

This March will see Kentec, the UK’s leading Fire Panel manufacturer, build and supply the renowned Syncro range of panels with software which has the added features required to allow seamless wireless and hard wired device integration.

kentec wireless ready

Additionally many existing systems already installed with a Syncro panel can have the current software upgraded to make the system EMS FireCell wireless/hybrid compatible.

Both the Syncro and the Syncro AS panels will be factory ready for a FireCell based system allowing installers to choose either a fully wireless solution or one based on using both wireless and wired devices i.e. Hybrid.

This flexibility is extended to all existing systems with a Syncro panel. A software flash upgrade is available to add the hybrid option and enable the use of EMS wireless devices.

Add up to five EMS Radio Loop Modules (RLM) and install up to 31 wireless devices per RLM easily and quickly – subject to loop capacity. Alternatively add an EMS Radio Hub to a separate loop connection and create a full and  comprehensive wireless/hybrid system.

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Ray Puttock – Director of Marketing: This represents another step forward in the embracing of wireless/hybrid as part of all fire detection solutions. We have seen a distinct move towards the adoption of this technology across all business sectors. If you would like to know more about EMS and our wireless technology please contact us 

Comprehensive technical support is available either using on-line support or by contacting our Technical Support Team on 01227 369570

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