UK Government offers security funding for all places of worship

The UK government has recently launched a nationwide scheme to assist places of worship with security funding.
Regrettable events, that have put many people at risk, have now impacted upon areas traditionally seen as safe environments. The UK government has recognised this and has recently announced a £2.4 million fund to help secure places of worship in England and Wales. Churches, Mosques and Temples have been invited to bid for grants if they feel that they are at risk of attack.

The scheme, announced by Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, following a rise in incidents, will run until the 20th September with a second opportunity in early 2017. Bids will be considered by the Home office with 80% of the purchase and installation costs being funded by the government.

Home Office website: Information on the scheme can be found here

Contact Home Office directly:

Overview of the scheme
The scheme is part of the hate crime action plan. It will provide protective security measures to places of worship that need increased protection.

The Home Office will consider bids from places of worship in England and Wales.

Why apply for Funding?
With increasing regularity places of worship are being targeted by criminals, extremists and racists, with attacks becoming more heinous in their nature. This not only affects those attending the place of worship, it also has a much wider ripple effect across the entire local community.

The government funding is therefore timely for those communities who are already experiencing issues or believe they are at risk. We would highly recommend that the information provided by the Home Office is reviewed as soon as possible using the link provided above or by clicking on the Home Office email address to ask any specific funding questions.

About EMS Personal Attack/Protection Systems
EMS is a manufacturer and developer of the IRIS Wireless Personal Attack system and has been providing IRIS to the security industry for many years. IRIS is an easy to use wireless system, quick to install with proven reliability and is used across many security related environments where personal protection is paramount.

What is IRIS?
The IRIS system is discrete and therefore not obvious in its use. Users are provided with wireless handsets (up to 256 per system) that are small enough to put into a pocket or bag ready for use if needed, yet unseen by others.

In the event that a user feels threatened or finds themselves or others in a situation of risk, a simple push of a button on the wireless handheld unit will summon assistance. In addition, an audible or visual alarm can be activated if users want to diffuse a situation. There are a number of ways IRIS can be installed and configured depending on how you want to deal with threats to safety.

The IRIS system is fully compliant with EN5013 Grade 2 & BS8243 which means it can be used to summon Police response via a remote monitoring service.

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IRIS can be installed by any of the Home Office approved installation companies who hold Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), National Security Inspectorate (NSI), Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) or equivalent accreditation.

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EMS will work with you and your chosen installer to provide a solution which offers protection, peace of mind and cost effectiveness. We believe security should be there when you need it but otherwise not seen.