FireCell v3

FireCell Version 3 Launch 3rd May 2016

As the leading manufacturer and developer of wireless and hybrid fire detection we are committed to the continuous development of our FireCell platform, and to enhance software capabilities of each of the products in the range.

Previewed at FIREX 2015, we are pleased to announce the release of our Version 3 (V3) software which incorporates customer & engineer feedback and provides a major upgrade to product software, empowering engineers and users with additional diagnostic features.

The V3 software is available for all FireCell Radio Hubs and Radio Cluster Communicators (RCCs) ordered from 3rd May 2016. This software release also coincides with new enhanced versions of the FireCell configuration tool and Fire Control Panel programme.

The V3 logo

What’s new in V3?
• New menu options

• Simplified signal level recording via easy download
• Single point “smart” device verification
• Live device status checks
• Enhanced commissioning process

IMPORTANT NOTE: All V3 products will be clearly marked, externally and internally, with “V3” logos as V3 products are not compatible with earlier FireCell products.

For existing systems installed before 3rd May 2016, including upgrades and extensions please use the existing part numbers for both Hub’s and RCCs.

V3 Systems installed after 3rd May 2016

FireCell Hub V3 FCX-500-004-V3
FireCell Hub V3 with remote aerial facility FCX-500-444-V3
FireCell Radio Cluster Communicator V3 (RCC) FC-555-001-V3
FireCell Radio Cluster Communicator V3 (RCC)
with remote aerial facility FC-555-331-V3

Systems installed before 3rd May 2016

FireCell Hub FCX-500-004
FireCell Hub with remote aerial facility FCX-500-444