Security Lockdown System for Educational Premises

As unfortunate as it seems, many schools, colleges as well as universities now require more than just a security sytem.

With risks increasing, as sites become larger and student numbers grow, it is becoming more essential that the ability to lock down an area quickly and effectively is available to site management and staff.

One of the challenges in achieving an effective lockdown is the time it takes to communicate an emergency whilst managing a situation and attending to student safety.
second counts, and it could be the diffence between an incident which is diffused rapidly or something that hits the news headlines.

EMS are the leading experts in wireless safety technology and we have devised a simple yet effective solution which can be deployed quickly to provide a lock down facility.

Based on the Iris System 7000, which is already deployed across many financial institutions and commercial properties, EMS can provide a number of different products to meet each building’s exact requirements.

Using wireless handsets, that are totally portable and unobtrusive, staff literally have the ability to react quickly at their their fingertips. With the push of a button a signal is transmitted across the site to initiate a pre-determined “cause and effect plan” which can incorporate sounders and/or beacons in stategic locations to alert the site team and facilitate the specific action
plan to deal with all incidents arrising.

The process starts with an informal discussion about the location, what the risks are and how the establishent would like to deal with emergencies that may arise.

EMS, through one of our partners, would then be in a postion to provide a bespoke proposal and solution.

The above schematic shows a typical example of how a Lockdown Sysem could be deployed.

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