EMS at next FIM Roadshow at Newmarket Racecourse October 14th

The next stop on the FIM Roadshow calender will be at the Rowley Mile Racecourse in Newmarket on the 14th of October 2015.

The event will open at 9.00 and feature the best in British manufactured fire products including the highly successful FireCell wireless and hybrid fire detection system from EMS.

Ray Puttock, Director of Marketing, stated that the show will follow on from the successes of earlier FIM events as well as FIREX where FireCell Gen2 was shown for the first time.

FIM will be a further opportunity to see how the FireCell system will develop in early 2016 as well as showing the current range of products including Loop Modules and Zone Monitors which enables the use of EMS wireless products on most wired systems.

Contact EMS on 01227 369570 or email marketing@emsgroup.co.uk for more information or visit the Fire Industry Association FIM