Important Information – EMS Battery Partner

Due to manufacturing and organisational changes our present battery partner Duracell will shortly be ceasing the production of its Procell range.

EMS has subsequently tested and submitted, to independent test house Intertek, alternative batteries which have been approved for use with all FireCell wireless field devices (Manual Callpoints, Detectors, Sounders, VAD’s etc.). The test process confirms that these batteries meet/exceed the required specifications of EN54 as well as providing the life expectancy associated within EMS products.

We will continue to supply Duracell Procell for the foreseeable future for both new products as well as replacements/service spares for existing systems. Once Duracell Procell battery stocks are depleted EMS will supply Panasonic Powerline variants. EMS has ensured that costs are unaffected as are the part numbers and the changeover will therefore be seamless. We will of course announce the switchover at the relevant date.

It is perfectly acceptable to mix devices/batteries across an EMS system, with absolutely no loss in performance, functionality or longevity, however it is crucial to ensure that batteries are not mixed within an individual device.

As a consequence of the above EMS has also had the Varta Industrial range of batteries tested and whilst we will not be stocking/supplying these products they are also now approved for use across the EMS product range. These are available from independent suppliers should this be your chosen route to replenish for service use.

The EMS supply chain is however available for all your service and spares requirements and continues to look forward to remaining your supplier of choice.

All information on these batteries is attached for your records.

Should you require any clarification or further information please contact EMS on 01227 369570

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Battery Type EMS Part Number Panasonic Reference Varta Reference*
AA FC-809-000 LR6AD Powerline 4006
AAA 5-5808 LR03AD Powerline 4003
C Cell FC-810-000 LR14AD Powerline 4014
D Cell 5-5811 LR20AD Powerline 4020
PP3 (9V) 6299 6LR61AD  Powerline 4022