Fire Safety in Timber Frame Constuction

With timber frame construction becoming ever more popular, the need to ensure adequate fire safety measures are in place increases.

This is more relevant than ever during the construction phase, as the risk of fire is multiplied.

The HSE is especially concerned and provide information and advice related to timber frame construction to aid building companies.

“Recently there have been some very large fires affecting sites involving timber frame construction. The guidance contains new and detailed guidance on the fire risks and precautions which should be considered from the earliest stages of such a project.  The (HSE) guidance asks that clients and designers consider carefully the specific site, location and development and the fire risks it poses to those on site and neighbouring properties and ensure those risks are minimised.”

So what can be done as regard to fire protection during the various construction phases? Normally there might be portable fire points with a local alarm of some type, possibly an air horn. But does this really provide adequate protection? Of course not. What is needed is a way of passing information across the site immediately when there is a problem and we, at EMS, have a solution – TemPoint.

EMS TemPoint is a wireless based, expandable fire protection system which can be installed and working within minutes. It is fully portable and each Tempoint can be moved around the site as the project grows. Additional TemPoint “panels” are added as needed and when the building is finished TemPoint is simply loaded up and transported to the next project, or taken away to be stored until needed.

Each TemPoint is battery powered which provides 5 years or more service with only the main panel requiring a 240 volt supply. This can be located outside the main construction area where 240 volt can be installed safely. The main panel then gives the operator full information from each TemPoint panel across the site.

Additionally, you can add wireless smoke detection in high risk areas; again these are battery powered, with the same minimum 5 year service life and require no cabling at all. This allows them to be located wherever they are needed and, as the building evolves, they can be relocated as needed.

The EMS TemPoint system is based on the highly successful System 5000 FirePoint which has been used extensively over a number of years in many commercial applications.

There is also a lot of information and advice about Risk Assessment available from the UKFA (UK Timber Frame Association).

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