Fire destroys timber frame company’s offices

Recent news that 40 firefighters were called to a Kent industrial estate, where offices of timber frame manufacturer OFP are located, undeline the importance of fire protection and detection.

The fire, which broke out in the early hours of the 13th December destroyed the offices leaving behind the remains of a charred office where the entire contents were lost.

Whilst OFP are a timber frame manufacturer the property itself was of concrete construction with an asbestos roof lining, but imagine for a moment how much quicker and intense the fire might have been had the building been of timber frame construction and what this could have meant for adjacent properties.

Timber frame is fast becoming the choice of construction where environmental considerations are high on the agenda with many well known companies now choosing this over traditional materials.

However the treat of fire, especially during construction, can increase dramatically and the use of temporary fire protection/detection becomes more important.

The TemPoint solution offers a cost effective and time efficient way of providing this protection. TemPoint allows almost instant protection which can be added to or reconfigured in moments as the project grows. As its wireless there is no cable infrastructure to install and moving each “panel” is as simple as picking it up and relocating it where it’s needed.



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