EMS join FIA celebrations at The Houses of Parliment

A sunny day in April,  at the Palace of Westminster, was the setting for an important date for the Fire Alarm Industry (FIA).  Celebrating 100 years of service to the fire industry, the  event took place on the famous members balcony overlooking the Thames and was hosted by Sir David Amess MP (Conservative), Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety & Rescue Group.

Sir David  opened celebrations by welcoming the guests, all members of the various FIA Councils, and went on to praise the FIA for all the work and effort that went into championing its members and the ongoing awareness and importance of fire safety.

The event saw key individuals from all the companies currently working across the fire markets meet in a conducive  setting and then network about major issues affecting the various fire sectors. In addition it was a great prelude to FIREX with discussions turning to what might be shown in June at ExCeL.